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The presence of old relics at different sites in village Council indicate that the atrea had remained under the influence of Buddhism and Hindu Shahi dynasty. However, vert little research work exit on the subject

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Amjad ali Nazim +92 3481091016 Nill
Amir Mumtaz Naib Nazim +92 3479397039 Nill
Nawab Ali General Councilor +92 3418001810 Nill
Zeeshan Youth Councilor +92 3449757414 Nill
Fazal Ahad Kissan Councilor +92 3449679556 Nill
Rahmani Gul General Councilor +92 3421890547 Nill
Hussain Jan General Councilor +92 3441921292 Nill
Feroz General Councilor +92 3449133913 Nill
Ayub Khan General Councilor +92 3429605966 Nill
Mushtaq Ahmad Sectary +92 3439631788 Nill
Saeedda General Councilor Nill Nill
Jajai General Councilor Nill Nill