The presence of old relics at different sites in the village Council indicates that the area had remained under the influence of Buddhism and Hindu Shahi Dynasty. The name of Kokrai village has evolved from Hindu Shahi era, according to the locals from the area. However, very little research work exists on the subject. The old relics, carvings on rocks and stupa can be seen at different sites in the village which shows a lot about the Hindu and Buddhism era. ‘Qala Teer’ a hill top, was used as a prison in the Hindu Shahi era according to the locals and the remains also indicate it.

Sapal Bandai village of the village council is predominantly inhabited by Akhundkhail Mainngan, the descendent of Mian Dawlat Baba (brother of Main Noor Baba and grandson of Akhund Dervaiza Baba 17th century).

Chitor Village comes under control of Syeed Miangan the descendents of Mian Hassan Baba.

The area has remained of significant importance in the Swat State era, as many of the people remained in State service on good position at that time. Proximity with capital city Saidu Sharif was also one of the reasons to have influence in the State affairs.  Saidu Baba the grandfather of 1st ruler of Swat State Bacha Sahib had married from Sapal Bandai village in 19th century, While Bacha Sahib himself had married from Kokrai village in his rule time. Bacha Sahib also used to imprison his political opponents in Kokrai village.


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