VC Representative

The presence of old relics at different sites in village Council indicate that the atrea had remained under the influence of Buddhism and Hindu Shahi dynasty. However, vert little research work exit on the subject

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Behroz Chairman +92 3481905861 Nill
Raza Khan Naib Nazim +92 3409251642 Nill
Fayyaz Badshah General Councilor +92 3139662550 Nill
Umara Khan General Councilor +92 3469421489 Nill
Bashar General Councilor +92 3405854620 Nill
Bakht Zamin Gul General Councilor +92 3219791494 Nill
Jehan Gul General Councilor +92 3428977651 Nill
Rahman Ali General Councilor +92 3463031521 Nill
Yar Gul General Councilor +92 3219768377 Nill
Gul Waris Kisan Councilor +92 3429825346 Nill
Akhtar Zeb Youth Councilor Nill Nill
Bacha Sultana Women Seat Nill Nill
Tasleem Women Seat Nill Nill